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         Replace Misted Broken Units

         Replace Handles

         Replace Damaged Hinges

         Reduce Draughts

         Replace Damaged Worn Gaskets

         Fit Window Restrictors For Child Safety


Window Security

  • Replace/Upgrade Locking Systems
  • Open Locked Shut Windows



         Realign Doors

         Replace Damaged Hinges

         Replace Misted Broken Down Units

         Upgrade to Safety Glass

         Replace Damaged Letter Plates

         Replace Worn/Broken Handles

         Replace Damaged Door Panels

         Replace Worn Damaged Gaskets to Stop Water Ingress

         Renew Sealants

         Reduce Draughts

         Fit Restrictors to Open Out Doors to Prevent Hinge Damage


Door Security

         Repair and Replace Locks

         Replace locks on your new home

         Upgrade locking system to improve security and to give you peace of mind


Lost Keys

         Change Cylinders

         Open Locked Shut Doors


Cat Flaps

         Fit Cat Flaps



         Stop Leaks

         Replace Misty Broken Units

         Replace Damaged Roof Panels

         Re-fit Slipped Panels

         Upgrade Roofing Panels


Patio Doors

         Replace Misty Broken Units

         General Repair And Maintenance

         Replace Damaged Rollers And Tracks

         Ensure Smooth Rolling


Patio Door Security

         Replace and/or Update Locking Systems

         Add Extra Security Bolts

Check Out The Locking System

Wooden sash window repair
& draught proofing